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The free wallpaper app located in the app store on iTunes have some great wallpapers for your iphone. I posted a post this morning that displayed some of the wallpaper images that I’m really rating right now:) These wallpapers I want to share are some what different. They look really fab. Once set as your iPhone wallpaper the effect is a mix of funky and bizarre. I know that these are starting to fly around the net so maybe you have come across them before?
But I just think there kinda great. loving the smashed screen effect 🙂 And for free! well what’s there to complain about?
Nothing. Nothing at all:)


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Ok so here I am. If I’m gonna have two blogs then I’m going to have to use them. Been blogging loads on my blog A boy with Aspergers as its a subject so close to my heart but this is the blog I started at and boy has it been neglected. So my promise is post more and make this into something wonderful:) My mind is in blogging over drive now. I’m wanting to post a ton of stuff and am having trouble deciding what to post here first. Well let me start by sharing a few great images I have come to own over these past weeks I have been away. No this is not my handy work, would be unfair of me to take the credit. They are photo images that I have downloaded on my iPhone from the app store. The app is designed to bring you free wallpaper for your iPhone. There is a huge selection on offer and some real stunning images. Heres a few judge for yourself:)

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