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Been busy creating and drawing. I have drawn some funky pictures. I must admit I have had a bit of a obsession with angels lately. Much of my art features angels in some shape or form. Im also very keen on drawing trees. Yes trees! May seem a little odd or even boring to you but a tree can honestly make a standard drawing into something so much more. I love to make my drawing into a a story without words. Let me explain and make things clear. I tend to fall into a world of my own when drawing. I start to see a story unfolding before my eyes. Image and Art often tell it all without the need of a single word that’s one of the reasons I enjoy it. If you enjoy art you can understand what it is I’m getting at.

Some people express there felling through writting. I tend to do this but not always. I used to add diary post but felt that everytime I did this a few weeks in things would turn sour. My luck was non-exsitent bad luck was my middle name. I know this seems silly but this was the way it seemed. I just expressed my felling through my drawings without really knowing I was doing it. When I’m happy it shows in my pictures the same as when I’m low. Alice and G (my children) also tend to draw a lot Alice more so’ she can draw very well spending hours creating a piece of art. G my son who has Aspergers enjoys drawing trains and buses. Art is a great tool to help children with ASD express themselves. Thats why I have added the Autism and Art (kids art) page to my other blog. designed as a gallary where kids and teens with ASD can submit there work for free.

Im kind of getting a picture in my head as to how this blog may turn out and what it may become. Im seeing many post relating to art and design with a touch of fashion. Hoping I can bring some magic back to this blog and make it as popular as A boy with Aspergers:) Enjoy.


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Loving art

This is a drawing I done today. I do really like it:) I have also added a drawing I am still working on the magic tree.

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