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This blog has been created purely for me to post  fun, crazy, funky, cool yet glam stuff..

You see my fellow blog  A boy with Aspergers is were i use my head. Raising awareness for ASD is something so close to my heart meaning so much to me. With my son having Aspergers i really want to make a diffrence’ even if just a little for his sake and every child like him. So when I’m here i just wanna let go:) I do enjoy blogging for autism but it’s nice to chat about other things’ girlie stuff ‘ make up, fashion and yesssss shoes:) Then there’s Art which i really love! Drawing, designing and creating is a hobby i adore. But lets not forget I’m also a keen dancer. I could dance for hours party, club or cleaning the house as long as there is music I’m all there.

So I’m covering it all great links, freebies sites and great art. If your still here then i guess you could be interested:) Wonderful! Let’s get blogging.


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Autism and Art

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Arty farty

Been busy creating and drawing. I have drawn some funky pictures. I must admit I have had a bit of a obsession with angels lately. Much of my art features angels in some shape or form. Im also very keen on drawing trees. Yes trees! May seem a little odd or even boring to you but a tree can honestly make a standard drawing into something so much more. I love to make my drawing into a a story without words. Let me explain and make things clear. I tend to fall into a world of my own when drawing. I start to see a story unfolding before my eyes. Image and Art often tell it all without the need of a single word that’s one of the reasons I enjoy it. If you enjoy art you can understand what it is I’m getting at.

Some people express there felling through writting. I tend to do this but not always. I used to add diary post but felt that everytime I did this a few weeks in things would turn sour. My luck was non-exsitent bad luck was my middle name. I know this seems silly but this was the way it seemed. I just expressed my felling through my drawings without really knowing I was doing it. When I’m happy it shows in my pictures the same as when I’m low. Alice and G (my children) also tend to draw a lot Alice more so’ she can draw very well spending hours creating a piece of art. G my son who has Aspergers enjoys drawing trains and buses. Art is a great tool to help children with ASD express themselves. Thats why I have added the Autism and Art (kids art) page to my other blog. designed as a gallary where kids and teens with ASD can submit there work for free.

Im kind of getting a picture in my head as to how this blog may turn out and what it may become. Im seeing many post relating to art and design with a touch of fashion. Hoping I can bring some magic back to this blog and make it as popular as A boy with Aspergers:) Enjoy.

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Changing rooms

Im very creative and I’m loving putting all my ideas and designs into action.
My 5yr Alice is a real girly girl my little princesse:) Being a princesse she loves all things pretty.
That’s y after I saw a beaded lightshade in Greenwich market I decided to try to design and make one myself. One that was even better. I hoped. Well I’m almost finished and felling proud off my work I have sent in a photo of my work so far:)
Looking forward to showing of the finished results and seeing if anyone has any feed back.
Do it yourself much cheaper and you know it’s a one off. I saved around £32 as the one at Market was £47 and to make mine was around £15. Then there’s the hours of fun in making it for someone. Priceless!

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Loving art

This is a drawing I done today. I do really like it:) I have also added a drawing I am still working on the magic tree.

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