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Well i was felling pretty pleased with myself!  Why? Because i am now the owner of a brand new stunning macbook Air:) Given to me by my one and only sexy hubby. So I’m guessing your wondering why i’m referring to the phrase WAS.. FELLING PLEASED?……..

…….Well it’s all well and good owning the wonderful macbook but getting it connected to my Tmobile mobile Internet was another story altogether. Yes I’m done in’ my head is far from functioning. Im now bonkers due to the hours of not getting what i want! (DON’T YOU HATE THAT? ) Well we got it from currys it was 100 less due to being last on and was on display. We collected it a few hours later as this gave them the chance to clean it all up. At home it looked fab the only thing was it had some of currys pic’s and stuff still in place. I have been on this mission to connect my broardband for three long days. Maybe im just dumb put i can’t even get my superdive to load the Mac os x not even sure if it’s due to curry’s having done this already. Well im of to Bluewater Apple store today and have my fingers crossed i come home with a fully functioning Macbook air:):) Fingers are crossed. 


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Had my 3g iphone for a few months now and i cant get anoth of it.

Its so much more then just a phone. I have real trouble putting it down. Ask my husband. With a ipod, internet, phone, camera what more could u want?

The app store is fab. It contains so much for free and the apps that are on sale are a pretty fair price. Once you have downloaded your app it is added to your home page as a little display box. funky! You can even add a web address to your home page which is showed in the same display boxs so easy assess to all your most visted sites.

Yes it has had a few problems with small bugs and stuff but since i updated my software its been ok. It has been known to crash on me a few times but thats to do with my hours of use lol. The best thing about iphone is u never get bored with it as you can add and discover new items everyday. Luv it.

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