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Been busy creating and drawing. I have drawn some funky pictures. I must admit I have had a bit of a obsession with angels lately. Much of my art features angels in some shape or form. Im also very keen on drawing trees. Yes trees! May seem a little odd or even boring to you but a tree can honestly make a standard drawing into something so much more. I love to make my drawing into a a story without words. Let me explain and make things clear. I tend to fall into a world of my own when drawing. I start to see a story unfolding before my eyes. Image and Art often tell it all without the need of a single word that’s one of the reasons I enjoy it. If you enjoy art you can understand what it is I’m getting at.

Some people express there felling through writting. I tend to do this but not always. I used to add diary post but felt that everytime I did this a few weeks in things would turn sour. My luck was non-exsitent bad luck was my middle name. I know this seems silly but this was the way it seemed. I just expressed my felling through my drawings without really knowing I was doing it. When I’m happy it shows in my pictures the same as when I’m low. Alice and G (my children) also tend to draw a lot Alice more so’ she can draw very well spending hours creating a piece of art. G my son who has Aspergers enjoys drawing trains and buses. Art is a great tool to help children with ASD express themselves. Thats why I have added the Autism and Art (kids art) page to my other blog. designed as a gallary where kids and teens with ASD can submit there work for free.

Im kind of getting a picture in my head as to how this blog may turn out and what it may become. Im seeing many post relating to art and design with a touch of fashion. Hoping I can bring some magic back to this blog and make it as popular as A boy with Aspergers:) Enjoy.


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Ok so here I am. If I’m gonna have two blogs then I’m going to have to use them. Been blogging loads on my blog A boy with Aspergers as its a subject so close to my heart but this is the blog I started at and boy has it been neglected. So my promise is post more and make this into something wonderful:) My mind is in blogging over drive now. I’m wanting to post a ton of stuff and am having trouble deciding what to post here first. Well let me start by sharing a few great images I have come to own over these past weeks I have been away. No this is not my handy work, would be unfair of me to take the credit. They are photo images that I have downloaded on my iPhone from the app store. The app is designed to bring you free wallpaper for your iPhone. There is a huge selection on offer and some real stunning images. Heres a few judge for yourself:)

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Lazy ladie

Yes I admit I have been a bad blogger:(
I have not payed much attention to this blog at all. Im not even sure who I’m speaking to as I have no taffic. well not really anyway. Let me explaining it’s not that I’m lazy I just have been rather busy with my other blog. A boy with Aspergers. Ok Ok no excuse!
Anyhow I am starting over so watch this space as I’m really back:) Hope you all enjoy.

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Merry christmas everyone

Happy Christmas everyone.
I have put my tree up and I’m getting in the mood. It’s been a hard year this year for me and my family. So I’m just gonna kick back and enjoy the end of the year with my family and friends. A relaxed Christmas with my hubby and children.

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Trick or treat

Oct 31st Halloween a day my kids love.
Trick or treat is something we do every year. I take my 2 children and sometimes there friends around to a few of the local houses of people we know. They love it and always have a big bag of treats at the end of the evening anoth for a week. They love getting dressed up and stuff.
Here’s a few pics off wot they looked like on oct 31st.

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Day at the park

Went to the local park with my two children today.
As they are off school and it’s a few days to pay day. Had to think off my feet. So the park it was.
We did have a really nice time. Cold but fun. Got some fab photos too.
It just goes to show u don’t need money for everything.

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My children

My children. A few of the family pictures;)

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A boy with Aspergers.

I have started up another blog named A boy with Aspergers. As some off you already know my son is waiting his formal diagnosis for Aspergers. His at the last and final stage but it’s been a long slow painful processe getting there. That’s why I have created this new blog.

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Changing rooms

Im very creative and I’m loving putting all my ideas and designs into action.
My 5yr Alice is a real girly girl my little princesse:) Being a princesse she loves all things pretty.
That’s y after I saw a beaded lightshade in Greenwich market I decided to try to design and make one myself. One that was even better. I hoped. Well I’m almost finished and felling proud off my work I have sent in a photo of my work so far:)
Looking forward to showing of the finished results and seeing if anyone has any feed back.
Do it yourself much cheaper and you know it’s a one off. I saved around £32 as the one at Market was £47 and to make mine was around £15. Then there’s the hours of fun in making it for someone. Priceless!

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Had my 3g iphone for a few months now and i cant get anoth of it.

Its so much more then just a phone. I have real trouble putting it down. Ask my husband. With a ipod, internet, phone, camera what more could u want?

The app store is fab. It contains so much for free and the apps that are on sale are a pretty fair price. Once you have downloaded your app it is added to your home page as a little display box. funky! You can even add a web address to your home page which is showed in the same display boxs so easy assess to all your most visted sites.

Yes it has had a few problems with small bugs and stuff but since i updated my software its been ok. It has been known to crash on me a few times but thats to do with my hours of use lol. The best thing about iphone is u never get bored with it as you can add and discover new items everyday. Luv it.

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