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Lets talk about sex!

Let’s talk about sex………..
Sorry boys if it’s porn your after your in the wrong place. This is all about sex pure sex!
In this day & age women are a lot more open in the way they talk about sex. Maybe it’s all thanks to sex in the city or maybe it’s solely because times are moving on. At the age of 26 I’m not saying I’m the big expert. Who is???
I’m just pointing out like most of todays women I really don’t have a problem openly talking about it. I enjoy Reading and sex learning more about sex.
If it’s that you fell you could do with some impovment, tips, inspiration, re-energize your sex life or just for pure entertainment this really could be a book for you. And yes I do own this book LOL.
As always Ann summers does it again. This top read is named Re-energise your sex life. It’s gives u 52 brilliant ideas to put the zing back into your love making.
Written by Elisabeth Wilson this book has it all covered. Starting at the top Stop having sex and going on to cover a array off subjects…Talking dirty, blow jobs, dressing up, tantric sex and much more. And the best bit if you have a idea that is not covered they will pay u £50 if it makes print. So lets have it.


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