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Come on girls admit it! Shopping is the bees knees!

OK i have been told by a few that for them this is not the case’ and um it’s shocking! But it’s proven most of today’s shoppers are the women. I’m not talking the weekly shop! No what I’m taking about is the big shopping trips. In my view most of us ladies that do love to hit the shops can turn a trip up the local high street in to something much more grand! Me myself should know because yes i hold my hands up i have done it and more then once! 

I’m not suggesting I’m posh spice! No way i don’t have the money or the time! But i still know how to shop and to me knowing how to shop doesnt mean having some huge silly sum of money to go crazy with ( eventhrough yes that would be mind blowing ) To make the most out your shopping trip it’s always best to to know a budget and stick to it. May sound a tad boring but it wont when you cant pay them telephone bills for that oh so trendy mobile phone you persushed last weekend. Its all about having fun. If like myself you love a little or a lot of shopping then make sure you do it without worries. Many a times i spent to much and had to face the trouble it caused me:( I wasn’t addicted to shopping i just had this habit that when i did shop i nearly always over spent meaning no more shopping for weeks!

I think I’m probably a lot  like other women shoppers in the way of I’m mostly there trying  to discover and add to my ever going items of clothing. Even worse shopping for them heel’s the ones that make your legs look dead sexy and they seem to go on and on forever and ever. I would be lieing if i didn’t say i became a little OTT on the whole shoe thing! Shoes are my thing and i love them. Has anybody else got the shoes that blow you away in the store four years OK and still remain in the box right at the bottom of the wardrobe? I know a ton of you are nodding your head thinking … OH YER I CAN SO RELATE TO THAT! 

Let discuss the M word! No not m&ms but makeup. I have shelves of the stuff and still cant get anoth. FACT! I’m a big if not huge lover of the word makeup. Most women should agree! The way i justify this is simple…. Us girls need it! Hiding a large number of sins and doing a great job of it. The prettiest girls can agree because by sin’s I’m talking BAGS, SPOTS, DRY SKIN and most common LATE NIGHTER. I’m a fan of Benefit, Two faced, Dore, Mac, and a great low cost brand named Barrym a cool UK product range that have some hot glitters in some smoking colours.

I want to hear from all you ladies that don’t love shopping! Tell the world why and what it is that really gives you the fun factor that shopping gives me!


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