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One for the girls:) Guys read if you dare.

Come on girls! We have all been there. Sat in a bar with our friends’ enjoying our evening when…… Yes along comes that guy! You know the one? Full of charm (well he likes to think so) To much hair gel, pint in one hand fag in the other. Really bad chat up lines and a mouth full of **** Now I see you nodding:) Well good news next time you find yourself in that oh to familiar situation wack out on of these killer putdowns and just sit back and watch them walk away with there tails between there legs.

If my dog looked like you, I’d shave it’s bum and train it to walk backwards.

Save your breath mate- you’ll need it to blow up your girlfriend.

Man- “Will you miss me?”
Woman- Why don’t you go away and we’ll find out!

Man- I bet your a vigin.
Woman- You’re right- because not all men are as ugly as you!

Just because you have a prick doesn’t mean you have to act like one!

Why not chat up someone your own size like the QE2.

Where did you meet your last girlfriend? Battersea dogs home?

Tell me everything you know.
I have 20 seconds to spare!

Woman- Whats the best position to make an ugly baby?
Man- I don’t know.
Woman- well, call your mum, because she certainly does.

You know you have the body of a god- Buddha

Sorry I’m really not your type- I’m not inflatable.


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