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This blog has been created purely for me to post  fun, crazy, funky, cool yet glam stuff..

You see my fellow blog  A boy with Aspergers is were i use my head. Raising awareness for ASD is something so close to my heart meaning so much to me. With my son having Aspergers i really want to make a diffrence’ even if just a little for his sake and every child like him. So when I’m here i just wanna let go:) I do enjoy blogging for autism but it’s nice to chat about other things’ girlie stuff ‘ make up, fashion and yesssss shoes:) Then there’s Art which i really love! Drawing, designing and creating is a hobby i adore. But lets not forget I’m also a keen dancer. I could dance for hours party, club or cleaning the house as long as there is music I’m all there.

So I’m covering it all great links, freebies sites and great art. If your still here then i guess you could be interested:) Wonderful! Let’s get blogging.


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my spaces

Hi all just wanna let you all know you can find much more off my stuff or add me to msn via my spaces page.

Really cool space that you can find by going to if you find the link no help then you can find my space via Hope to see you all there.xxxxxxxxx

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I love that little man helped to send out this important message following 50 cents distribing tweet. Check it out.

Autism Mumma (Jeannette)

(updated with 50cent’s apology at the end of the post)

To 50cent,

Oh dear, I don’t know if you intentionally set out to offend and upset so many parents of children and young adults with autism, but you have.

Autism is not something to throw at someone as a verbal insult, it is a life-long disability. Autism does not differentiate between race, religion or gender.

You have so many followers who hang onto your every word and are going to consider it okay to use autism as a mocking tool now. Whether the relevant tweets have now been deleted or not, they are easily found on Google.

Below are real children and young adults with autism/aspergers. Real people with real mums/dads/siblings and family who care for them very much.

Look at these pictures and I hope you will understand that autism is known as the invisible disability.

All these individuals…

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The big interview

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Come on girls admit it! Shopping is the bees knees!

OK i have been told by a few that for them this is not the case’ and um it’s shocking! But it’s proven most of today’s shoppers are the women. I’m not talking the weekly shop! No what I’m taking about is the big shopping trips. In my view most of us ladies that do love to hit the shops can turn a trip up the local high street in to something much more grand! Me myself should know because yes i hold my hands up i have done it and more then once! 

I’m not suggesting I’m posh spice! No way i don’t have the money or the time! But i still know how to shop and to me knowing how to shop doesnt mean having some huge silly sum of money to go crazy with ( eventhrough yes that would be mind blowing ) To make the most out your shopping trip it’s always best to to know a budget and stick to it. May sound a tad boring but it wont when you cant pay them telephone bills for that oh so trendy mobile phone you persushed last weekend. Its all about having fun. If like myself you love a little or a lot of shopping then make sure you do it without worries. Many a times i spent to much and had to face the trouble it caused me:( I wasn’t addicted to shopping i just had this habit that when i did shop i nearly always over spent meaning no more shopping for weeks!

I think I’m probably a lot  like other women shoppers in the way of I’m mostly there trying  to discover and add to my ever going items of clothing. Even worse shopping for them heel’s the ones that make your legs look dead sexy and they seem to go on and on forever and ever. I would be lieing if i didn’t say i became a little OTT on the whole shoe thing! Shoes are my thing and i love them. Has anybody else got the shoes that blow you away in the store four years OK and still remain in the box right at the bottom of the wardrobe? I know a ton of you are nodding your head thinking … OH YER I CAN SO RELATE TO THAT! 

Let discuss the M word! No not m&ms but makeup. I have shelves of the stuff and still cant get anoth. FACT! I’m a big if not huge lover of the word makeup. Most women should agree! The way i justify this is simple…. Us girls need it! Hiding a large number of sins and doing a great job of it. The prettiest girls can agree because by sin’s I’m talking BAGS, SPOTS, DRY SKIN and most common LATE NIGHTER. I’m a fan of Benefit, Two faced, Dore, Mac, and a great low cost brand named Barrym a cool UK product range that have some hot glitters in some smoking colours.

I want to hear from all you ladies that don’t love shopping! Tell the world why and what it is that really gives you the fun factor that shopping gives me!

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Well i was felling pretty pleased with myself!  Why? Because i am now the owner of a brand new stunning macbook Air:) Given to me by my one and only sexy hubby. So I’m guessing your wondering why i’m referring to the phrase WAS.. FELLING PLEASED?……..

…….Well it’s all well and good owning the wonderful macbook but getting it connected to my Tmobile mobile Internet was another story altogether. Yes I’m done in’ my head is far from functioning. Im now bonkers due to the hours of not getting what i want! (DON’T YOU HATE THAT? ) Well we got it from currys it was 100 less due to being last on and was on display. We collected it a few hours later as this gave them the chance to clean it all up. At home it looked fab the only thing was it had some of currys pic’s and stuff still in place. I have been on this mission to connect my broardband for three long days. Maybe im just dumb put i can’t even get my superdive to load the Mac os x not even sure if it’s due to curry’s having done this already. Well im of to Bluewater Apple store today and have my fingers crossed i come home with a fully functioning Macbook air:):) Fingers are crossed. 

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If your a parent or care giver to a child with ASD then visit my other blog.
Videos, live chat, links, interviews and more.

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Men says… Want to come back to my place?
Women says… Will both of us fit under the one rock?

men says….your place or mine?
women say… both- you go to yours and I’ll go to mine!

men say…Whats you sign?
Women say… No Entry!

Men say…You know I like an intelligent woman.
women say…..Yeah I heard opposites attract.

Men say… Want to suck it?
women say… No I choke on small bones.

Men say….Haven’t I seen you before?
Women says….. Oh yes I’m the receptionist from the VD clinic.

Men say…. Am I the first man you ever made love to?
Women say…. um you might be- your face looks familiar.

Wanna read more?
Get the hot book-The best Dirty girl’s joke book ever. Fab and only £7.99

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One for the girls:) Guys read if you dare.

Come on girls! We have all been there. Sat in a bar with our friends’ enjoying our evening when…… Yes along comes that guy! You know the one? Full of charm (well he likes to think so) To much hair gel, pint in one hand fag in the other. Really bad chat up lines and a mouth full of **** Now I see you nodding:) Well good news next time you find yourself in that oh to familiar situation wack out on of these killer putdowns and just sit back and watch them walk away with there tails between there legs.

If my dog looked like you, I’d shave it’s bum and train it to walk backwards.

Save your breath mate- you’ll need it to blow up your girlfriend.

Man- “Will you miss me?”
Woman- Why don’t you go away and we’ll find out!

Man- I bet your a vigin.
Woman- You’re right- because not all men are as ugly as you!

Just because you have a prick doesn’t mean you have to act like one!

Why not chat up someone your own size like the QE2.

Where did you meet your last girlfriend? Battersea dogs home?

Tell me everything you know.
I have 20 seconds to spare!

Woman- Whats the best position to make an ugly baby?
Man- I don’t know.
Woman- well, call your mum, because she certainly does.

You know you have the body of a god- Buddha

Sorry I’m really not your type- I’m not inflatable.

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Autism and Art

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The free wallpaper app located in the app store on iTunes have some great wallpapers for your iphone. I posted a post this morning that displayed some of the wallpaper images that I’m really rating right now:) These wallpapers I want to share are some what different. They look really fab. Once set as your iPhone wallpaper the effect is a mix of funky and bizarre. I know that these are starting to fly around the net so maybe you have come across them before?
But I just think there kinda great. loving the smashed screen effect 🙂 And for free! well what’s there to complain about?
Nothing. Nothing at all:)

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